• Breeding Super Sale


    SUPER SALE & IN FOAL GUARANTEE & DONATION to horses in need!!!


    * You pay only 50€ per dose of frozen semen (+transport fee) with the booking of your contract.

    * ONLY after your mare is 60days in foal you pay the 500€ breeding fee

    * from every breeding we will donate 100€ to a foundation that helps horses in need!


    Contact us for more information! info@eifelgoldranch.be

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    Little Gump

    NRHA offspring earnings over $350.000

    NRHA lifetime earnings over $62.000

    Little Gump his offspring produced over $350.000 in NRHA earning. His top five:

    1. Gumpy Grumpy BB $73.505 Multiple Futurity and Derby winner, WEG Team Belgium Kentucky 
    2. Splendit As Gump BB $37.546

    3. Little Royal BH $32.398 NRHA OKC Open Futurity Finalist

    4. Gumps First Laby BB $28.036

    5. Gumps Spider BB $20.115


    His offspring produced very well in reining, but his pedigree is exceptional for breeding Cutting horses as wel.

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    Colored Colonel B

    NRHA Money earner but his offspring did exceptionally good in all-round classes and they all are the ferfect family horse! The best option for breeders looking for an easy all-rounder with fancy colors!

    Offsping color statistics:

    30% buckskin

    25% black

    21% bay